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GCE has a 2-4 level structure of high voltage BMS design principles. We named slave BMS the Battery Management Unit(BMU), which is responsible for collecting voltage, temperature, SOC, and HOC… from every cell in the pack and controllable passive balancing. We named master BMS as Rack Battery Management System(RBMS), RBMS is a 2-6U standard iron box with BMS overall solution. The battery energy storage systems then can easily be built up with GCE BMS. We named the 3rd-level BMS a Stack Battery Management System(SBMS), which can make 8-10pcs of RBMSs in parallel, displaying all cell information on a 7-inch touch screen. Both RBMS and SBMS have rich interfaces for protocol communication with PCS/inverter, EMS, or UPS.

“I recently integrated GCE’s BMS HV into our energy storage system (ESS), and I must say, I’m thoroughly impressed with its performance. This BMS has exceeded my expectations in every aspect. First and foremost, its reliability is outstanding. Since implementing it, we’ve experienced smooth operations without any hiccups or system failures. The BMS effectively manages the high voltage of our system, ensuring safety and stability at all times. Furthermore, the flexibility of the GCE BMS HV is remarkable. It seamlessly integrates with our existing infrastructure, allowing for easy installation and integration. Its compatibility with various components of our ESS makes it a versatile solution for different setups and configurations. One of the standout features of this BMS is its advanced monitoring capabilities. The real-time data provided by the system allows us to closely monitor the performance of our energy storage system…”

Nicolo Zaccheo



How are we different?


More than 10 years of High voltage BMS research and development. Over 10,000 sets of high-voltage BMS application cases in 80 countries and areas every year!


We supported thousands of battery energy storage and UPS projects. and make significant contributions to the great cause of low-carbon energy conservation and emission reduction.

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